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What stills equipment do you use?

Underwater and above I use a Canon R5. It’s a well built workhorse and takes beautiful, very high resolution images. I have a Nauticam housing for it and a selection of lenses and dome / ports. 

What do you look for when shooting underwater? 

Ambient lighting is the number one thing I look for while diving. In the cooler, darker waters of Canada I often choose to shoot on sunny days. In tropical blue water destinations I prefer to shoot during magic hour. I like to shoot in shallow water, often near cliffs and natural surface objects like tall trees or rock formations, these can help create light beams in the water that lead to an interesting subject. 

What makes a good underwater image? 

Good lighting, a strong point of focus, and vibrant colours are the three things I try to capture underwater. If I can place an interesting marine life behaviour in the image, I'll be even happier! . 

What do you enjoy about shooting underwater? 

I’m drawn to the free roaming 3 dimensional environment. It's fun but also presents many challenges like strong currents, temperature considerations, and lighting conditions. Everything works against you underwater, making it difficult to capture good images, but I’m absolutely hooked and love it all!

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