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In the media

Where would I have seen your cinematography work? 

I’ve filmed for Netflix, Apple, Disney, Nat Geo, IMAX and BBC productions. My documentary Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration was a big success in 2020, it received a lot of attention from production companies, newspapers, and websites. and is still playing across schools across Canada and the US. 

Do you sell stock video?

Yes! Depending on the use I license stock video by the second and have rates for exclusive use and non-exclusive use. I also have a wide range of samples available for viewing. Contact me for more. 

Have you done any interviews for magazines or websites? 

I’ve had interviews with the Vancouver Sun, The Province newspaper, DIVER magazine, DeeperBlue, Dive UK, and Digital Photography Guide. In addition to that I've done a host of TV news interviews talking about tadpoles and octopus!

What about awards? 

I was part of an Emmy Award winning team for Netflix's Island of the Sea Wolves in 2023. I'm also very proud of my Jackson Wild Award, and the Best Underwater Cinematography award from the Canadian Cinematography Awards in 2020, both for my Tadpoles short. I won the “Best of the show” award at the Monterey Underwater Shootout - twice. I was also elected as a Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society. 

Where has your photography work been published? 

You may have seen one of my tadpole images published on the front page of The Province newspaper. I was also a regular column contributor for DIVER magazine before its closure, and have contributed articles to Nature’s Best, Diver Mag UK, Digital Photography Guide, Canadian Geographic, and Wetpixel. I've produced images for dive brands; Bare Sports, Suunto, Divesoft, Light & Motion, Sthalsac, and Oceanic. And I've also had large scale work printed for murals seen at the sea lion exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium. 

Production clients

  • Netflix

  • Apple TV

  • Disney Plus

  • IMAX

  • National Geographic

  • BBC

  • FlyOver Canada

  • Sky TV

  • Red Bull

  • Arté

  • CBC

  • History TV

  • NHK

Published photos

  • The Province newspaper

  • The Vancouver Sun newspaper

  • Canadian Geographic

  • DIVER magazine

  • Deeperblue 

  • Vancouver Aquarium

  • Nature's Best

  • Digital Photography Guide

  • Wetpixel

  • Scuba Diving Destinations

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