Has your work been published? 

I’ve had several images publish in magazines like DIVER Magazine, Nature’s Best, used in product catalogs like Bare Sports, Suunto, Oceanic, printed in large scale murals like the Sea Lion exhibit at the Vancouver Aquarium, various newspapers stories for local publications, and in online articles for companies like Dive Mag UK, Digital Photography Guide and Wetpixel.

Have I seen your work anywhere else? 

I have many full wall size images used at the Vancouver Aquarium next to images from Nat Geo’s Paul Nicklen and Ian McAllister. 

Do you sell stock video?

How can I buy? Depending on the use I license stock video by the second and have rates for exclusive use and non-exclusive. I’m currently building a page with stock video clips that will be available soon. I also have a wide range of samples available for viewing on Instagram and Facebook. 

Where would I have seen your video? 

I’ve licensed footage to BBC, Discovery Channel, Ocean Wise and a variety of independent films. 

Have you done any interviews for magazines or websites? 

I’ve had interviews with DIVER magazine, DeeperBlue, Dive UK, Drysuit Diver and Digital Photography Guide.

What about prizes or competitions? 

In 2018 I won the “Best of the show” award at Backscatter’s Monterey shootout winning a prize to go on a liveaboard trip to French Polynesia. In 2019 I won the “best of the show” award again and won a trip to Little Cayman Beach Resort.

  • BBC

  • Discovery Channel

  • Ocean Wise

  • Huish Outdoors

  • Malahat First Nation

  • Gemini Marine Services

  • Hollis Rebreathers

video clients

  • DIVER magazine

  • Deeperblue 

  • Vancouver Aquarium

  • Nature's Best

  • Digital Photography Guide

  • Wetpixel

  • Drysuit Diver

Published photos

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