Canvas Prints For Sale

All my prints are on museum quality canvas. Archival-certified and OBA free, bright white poly-cotton blend matte canvas, hand laminated, hand stretched, quality checked. Every canvas print is coated with a protective, scratch-resistant UV laminate, so you don’t have to worry about damage or fading.

Tadpole Express

Western Toad Tadpoles on their daily migration into shallow water to feed on micro plants and algae.

Steller Sea Lions

One of Vancouver Islands most iconic images of Stellar Sea Lions perfectly posed for a photo at Vivian Island

Drifting Nettle

A Pacific Sea Nettle drifts through a giant kelp forest off the coast of Monterey Bay. California.


A beautiful image from an unexpected place - taken in two feet of water in a section of muddy river run off

Painted Pillars

A unique perspective of a metropolis of life under a pier in the Discovery Passage of Campbell River.

Anemone Perfection

Incredibly vibrant anemones in the beautiful Pacific waters of British Columbia

Underwater Forest

Monterey Bay is home to some of the most stunning kelp forests. Why walk through a forest when you can swim?!

Kelp Dreams

In the midst of a Bull Kelp forest, in the Pacific Northwest. Out of frame a Great White Shark looms in the shadows.

Kelp In The Deep

Growing from a depth of 50ft. These bull kelp fronts race to the surface to bask in sunlight.

Salmon Run

Pink and Chinook Salmon on their incredible journey up river to spawn, Campbell River, BC.

Amber Fronds

From the shore line of Campbell River, these Amber Fronds add a splash of beauty to our cold dark waters.

Tidal Zone

Current swept seagrass and kelp on the Northern Coast of British Columbia, there's so much life in the tidal zone.

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