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Island Of The Sea Wolves


Underwater, Long lens, Macro, Drone, FPV, Pole Cam and Remote Camera Operator


Our Planet II


Underwater, Topside, Macro, Drone, Gimbal Operator



National Geographic

Underwater, Long Lens, Macro and Drone Operator


Big Beasts

Apple TV

Underwater Camera Operator


Great Migrations

Disney & National Geographic

Underwater Camera Operator


Deadman’s Curse S01

History TV

Underwater Camera Op, ROV Pilot and Cast Diving Instructor


Sea Forest


Underwater, Long lens, Macro, and Drone Operator

Secrets of the Octopus

Disney & National Geographic

Underwater Camera, Topside Interview, Gimbal, FPV and Drone Operator


Shared Planet


Underwater Camera, Long lens and Drone Operator


Shaped by Wild


Underwater Camera Operator


Originate S03

Red Bull

Underwater Camera and Cast Diving Instructor


Nature’s Hidden Miracles


Topside Camera Op, Gimbal, Drone and Interview


Big Island Migration

Peak Productions

Topside Camera Op, Gimbal, Drone and Interview


Your Nations Table


Underwater Camera Op and Drone

Underwater, Long lens, Macro, Drone, FPV, Pole Cam and Remote Camera Operator. Netflix.

Four years of underwater, Macro, Drone. Personal project.

Long lens and Drone. Personal project.

What cameras, housings and equipment do you use?

I use the best tool for the job at hand, my primary camera is my 8K RED V Raptor in a Nauticam underwater housing. I also have a second RED Komodo in a Nauticam underwater housing for back-up, or specific uses. Plus 1 Canon R5 with Nauticam underwater housing, 4 x GH5's with two Aquatica underwater housings. Light & Motion Sola Video Pro underwater lights, and a selection of RED compatible lenses for a range of shooting scenarios. In addition, For aerial I use a DJI Inspire 2 and a Mavic Pro Cine 3 for capturing stunning aerial visuals. Check out all my equipment here.

What are the challenges with videoing from the air, land and sea?

The biggest challenge in these elements is having the correct gear for the shoot. In one day I’ll often be switching between aerial, underwater and land videography, so I have to pack accordingly while trying to maintain a reasonable amount of gear to travel with - some of the places I shoot are very remote or require special transport to get there. It's all about the right tool for the job.

Do you have fun making videos? 

Absolutely! It's a great feeling seeing a video through from start to finish, and being responsible for every step of the journey. But I also like to work as part of a larger scale production crew, just shooting underwater video. Both offer their own challenges and rewards.


Stock video

I license stock video by the second and have rates for exclusive use and non-exclusive, available in 4K-8K. Please contact me with a specific request, I'll work with you in a timely manner to provide with the footage you need. I have supplied stock video to the BBC, Netflix, Discovery Channel, Ocean Wise, and other organizations.  

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