What cameras, housings and equipment do you use?

I use a Panasonic GH5 for both underwater and topside videography. I use the GH5 because it’s low profile, easy to travel with, has amazing video quality and high frame rate options. The video quality is nearly comparable to footage from a RED camera! Underwater I use Aquatica housings because they are robust, cost effective and are manufactured in Canada with top notch customer service.

What are the challenges with videoing from the air, land and sea?

The biggest challenge in these elements is having the correct gear for the shoot. In one day I’ll often be switching between aerial, underwater and land videography, so I have to pack accordingly while trying to maintain a reasonable amount of gear to travel with - some of the places I shoot are very remote or require special transport to get there. It's all about the right tool for the job.

Do you have fun making videos? 

Absolutely! It's a great feeling seeing a video through from start to finish, and being responsible for every step of the journey. But I also like to work as part of a larger scale production crew, just shooting underwater video. Both offer their own challenges and rewards.

What's the most enjoyable aspect to making your videos? 

Once I've captured the shots I need, I really enjoy piecing together the video clips to tell a story. I also enjoy incorporating sound and music into my edits, it is one of the most important elements in video. 

Why is video an important for clients? 

It creates a visual story and can help people get a feel for a brand, product or destination. People are drawn to visual entertainment. If the video has a powerful story, it will communicate in an effecitve way.

Stock video

I license stock video by the second and have rates for exclusive use and non-exclusive, available in 4K and Full HD. Please contact me with a specific request, I'll work with you in a timely manner to provide with the footage you need. I have supplied stock video to the BBC, Discovery Channel, Ocean Wise, and other organizations.  

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