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STOCK VIDEO with exclusive use or non-exclusive licenses, available by the second in 4K-8K. Please contact me.

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Underwater Cinematographer / Long Lens & Topside / Drone and FPV / Commercially Certified

What cameras, housings and equipment do you use?

Whatever tool the job calls for, but my primary camera is usually my 8K RED V-Raptor in a Nauticam underwater housing. I also use a Canon R5 with Nauticam underwater housing, and my old underwater Panasonic GH5ii is still going strong! GoPro's, remote cameras, pole cams, ROVs and a roster of underwater grip gear like electronic sliders are also on hand. Light & Motion Sola Video Pro underwater lights, and a selection of RED compatible lenses for a range of shooting scenarios are always in my growing kit bag. In addition, for aerial I use a DJI Inspire 2, Mavic Pro Cine 3 and DJI FPV drones for capturing energetic aerial visuals. 

What are the challenges with videoing from the air, land and sea?

The biggest challenge in these elements is having the correct gear for the shoot. In one day I could be switching between aerial, underwater and land videography, so I have to pack accordingly while trying to maintain a reasonable amount of gear to travel with - some of the places I shoot are very remote or require special transport to get there. It's all about the right tool for the job. It's also important to have an experienced camera assistant and safety diver - someone that knows my cameras, and my diving, inside and out. 

Do you have fun making these shows? 

Absolutely! It's a great seeing a production through from start to finish and I enjoy working as part of a larger scale production crew, especially when you get to see the finished show broadcast for the first time. 

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