What equipment do you use?

Underwater I use a Panasonic GH5. While this camera is ideal for video, it is also a good option for photography. Rather than have two systems for each I like to have one that can do both underwater. On land I switch to my Canon 6D - it’s a workhorse!

What do you look for when shooting underwater? 

Ambient lighting is the number one thing I look for while diving. In the cooler, darker waters of Canada I often choose to shoot on sunny days. In tropical blue water destinations I prefer to shoot during magic hour. I like to shoot in shallow water, often near cliffs and natural surface objects like tall trees or rock formations, these can help create light beams in the water that lead to an interesting subject. 

What makes a good underwater image? 

Good lighting, a strong point of focus, and vibrant colours are the three things I try to capture underwater. A shot with theses elements, plus marine life in its natural habitat is absolutely perfect. 

What do you enjoy about shooting underwater? 

I’m drawn to the 360 degree environment. It's fun but also presents many challenges, like reduced visibility, strong currents, equipment challenges, temperature considerations, and lighting conditions. Everything works against you underwater, making it difficult to capture good images, but I’m absolutely hooked and love it all!


aerial images

above water


Stock Photography

I license stock photography and have rates for exclusive use and non-exclusive. Please contact me with a specific request, I'll work with you in a timely manner to provide the images you need. I have supplied many stock photos to magazines, newspapers, websites, exhibitions, and specific brands. 

Aquatica AGH5

I use a Panasonic GH5, housed in a Canadian made and designed Aquatica housing. Machined from a block of solid aluminum, the housing protects my camera at depth, and in all conditions. 

Lots of cameras

Underwater my camera of choice is the Panasonic GH5 - a filmmakers dream. But for stills above water, I prefer the Canon 6D, a workhorse of a camera in any adventurous scenario! I also use the GoPro 8, and always have my trusty iPhone in my pocket, after all, the best camera is the one you have on you. 

Behind the scenes of me shooting in British Columbia:

Video by Seaproof.tv - visit BeneathBC

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