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Filming the Secluded Life of Coastal Wolves

Patience. Dedication. Wildlife filming is not as glamorous as many think, but the reward is always worth the effort. The photography blinds setup along the windswept beaches were large enough for two of us to sit shoulder to shoulder, while the relentless rains and elements kept us humble as we sat vigil from dawn to dusk. After days of huddling in our shelters the wolves appeared as quietly as the drifting fog along the rocky shore and cautiously considered our presence.

The first to appear were the alphas, as they assessed our intent and if we were a threat to the pack. As we gained their trust, the pups appeared and we were able to catch a glimpse into the secret life of these socially intricate animals. After spending time with this pack, it was fascinating to learn some of the social structures by simply observing the daily habits of the wolves.

Sitting quietly, watching the next generation of sea wolves develop the skills they will need to survive in the wilds of the Great Bear Rainforest, not only provided us with endless entertainment, but struck a deep cord in our hearts. It was all too easy to connect with these amicable pups as they frolicked along the beaches enjoying the carelessness of their youth.

Nothing could have prepared us for the experience of photographing such magnificent animals while listening to the alphas lead the pack in a chorus of song, as the surf crashed on the beach and the sun set beyond the horizon. Spending time filming these wolves in this secluded part of the world, has made it impossible to not fall in love with them at the same time.


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