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Incredible wolf eel encounter

Last week while diving on North Vancouver Island Russell and I descended through a thick algae bloom. I couldn’t make out my own hands in front of my face. As we reached 70ft suddenly everything came into focus. The water was clear, but black as night. We clicked on our lights and began to explore. The reef was thriving with activity. All the marine life seemed to be in a feeding frenzy within a blizzard of widow rock fish.

Then all of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, a giant grey shape appeared. As I slowly moved closer, the shape formed into a face. What resembled a prehistoric creature started to swim towards me. I clutched my camera, ready to film the moment. It’s jaw was pulsating as it drew in water to breathe. It paused in front of me for a few seconds, and then it slowly started to swim over my shoulder and behind me. It’s 9ft long body seemed to go on for ever, curled into a resting position on top of a boulder. I had seen a wolf eel before but never this close, and never one this size fully out of it’s den. I spent 40 minutes watching this magnificent creature, until I was down to 500 psi and it was time to return to surface with one of the most incredible experiences of my diving career!

Pictured above Russell Clark and a 9ft long wolf eel


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