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Presenting at DEMA 2023

DEMA 2023 in New Orleans is just around the corner! This year Nauticam invited me to give a presentation about my career as underwater cinematographer. On Nov 14th at 3pm at the stage in the image resource centre I'll be sharing some sequences I've worked on, and how they were filmed including: Island of the Sea Wolves, Our Planet II and Islands: Nature's Wild Laboratories. During the event I'll also be sharing insight about working in the industry, using RED cameras underwater with Nauticam housings (such as the V-Raptor and Komodo) and take a deep dive into the specialized gear and how to travel across the globe with it. Near the end of the event I'll open up to a Q/A with the audience.

Looking forward to seeing everyone, and catching up with all my friends in the diving community!


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