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Read all about it!

The craziness of this past week seemed to hit a high point on Thursday, I saw that my tadpole image, and story of the video's release had made not just the pages of the Vancouver Sun, but the front page of The Province!

I had done a phone interview with The Province the day prior, but had no idea it would make the cover, and full story on page 6. It's such a privilege to see my work showcased by one of the biggest publications in British Columbia.

The video has also been a huge a success elsewhere, with the story now being shared by Global News, Chek News, The Province, The Vancouver Sun, Campbell River Mirror, Comox valley Record, the Victoria News, and a radio interview with CBC.

I've had a crazy amount of emails, Facebook messages, and Instagram messages, from people all over the world. Tadpole lovers, teachers, parents, filmmakers, and a fantastic phone call with Professor Richard Wassersug - possibly the world's biggest tadpole expert, and someone I'll hopefully be working with next season.

As the tadpoles fifteen minutes of fame begins to calm down, I'd like to thank everyone for their support, kind messages, and encouragement.

There'll be more to come!


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