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Camera reveal party: It's a RED V-Raptor!

Santa stopped by Vancouver Island a few weeks early this year to deliver my new RED V-Raptor - in a fetching Rhino grey colour, and damn, it's a beast!

It's like the older sister of my Komodo's - bigger, heavier, higher frame rates (240 at 4K) and a whopping 8K capture on a Vista Vision sized sensor (even at 120FPS).

The new SmallHD / RED co-branded monitor is a dream. It makes menu navigation a breeze, and is efficiently designed minimizing additional batteries or cumbersome leads.

If you're looking for IMAX, natural history, documentary, underwater - or anything in-between, RED's new flagship camera will handle it all with incredible image clarity and reliability.

As families around the globe sit down to open presents, watch re-runs on TV, and stuff themselves with turkey, I'll be out in the snow, the rain (and hopefully a bit of sun), getting to know my new baby!


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