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Deeper underground

Being an underwater cinematographer doesn't always mean blue water, wetsuits, and tropical fish. Oh no. It means being willing, able, and enthusiastic about exploring some of the lesser recorded waters. Some of which may even be a little spooky.

My RED Komodo, Nauticam housing, and Light & Motion lights make for an incredibly versatile tool in these situations. The setup is small enough to be squeezed (literally) into the smallest of passages, caves and waterways to capture some unexpected wildlife moments - in Netflix approved 6K RED raw.

It's amazing to think only a few years ago to achieve the same quality would have taken a significantly larger setup - which may well have made this one particular location unexplorable.

Of course I can't tell you what I was filming, where, or why - you'll just have to tune your TV into the right channel, when that time comes!

Some say it's all about the equipment - it's not. It's about the moments you capture to tell the story. The equipment I use are merely tools to help achieve this. Sometimes a GoPro is the best tool, sometimes it's a drone, sometimes it's a CN-20 and a RED V-Raptor. Times like this one above, it's a RED Komodo in a Nauticam underwater housing. Choosing the right tool effects the the shoot logistics, the efficiency, and the quality of the end result.

One thing is certain though - I love my RED cameras, and I can't wait to get my V-Raptor covered in mud!


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