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Best of show - Monterey 2019

Last years Monterey Shootout was an incredibly fun experience for me. Not only does the competition offer a lot of challenges (like shooting and editing a video in 36 hours), but more importantly it is an awesome place to meet people.

The event is sponsored by Backscatter, and supported by a ton of industry leading sponsors. The turnout is always impressive, with photographers from all over North America, and further afield flocking to Monterey for the weekend.

For me the challenge of shooting in that time frame is incredibly appealing, but getting the opportunity to dive, learn, and hang out with a roster of incredible photographers is what it's all about.

I look forward to the Shootout this year, Monterey has incredible light, amazing marine life encounters, and tons of fun ready to be had.

For now though I'll just share my entry from last years competition...

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