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Proudly Supported by Pacific Pro Dive

Like any artist or athlete there is always so much joy in returning to our “home field” to rediscover our passions where it all began. Growing up on the Sunshine Coast, BC imprinted the beauty and mystery of these waters on my heart. After travelling the world and still often working aboard, I am always excited to return to my home on Vancouver Island, and dive locally again.

For any diver, the local dive shop is where the community starts, and it’s important to support your local shops and services. Over the years I’ve come to rely on Pacific Pro Dive for my many of diving needs, and their customer service is fast and friendly! The staff at Pacific Pro Dive share the same insatiable love of diving and have supported many of my new dive site explorations through not only encouragement, but with gear as well. Pacific Pro Dive has also made it a priority to share images and videos from our local waters to a global audience on social media, igniting curiosity and consequently getting more divers certified and into the water!

Now, more than ever the importance of supporting our local communities and shops has become very apparent, and the reciprocal support from my local shop was an unexpected joy. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else in the world, and it is refreshing to have a supportive dive community right here in my local town.

If you would also like to support our local shop, be sure to check their online store.


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