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Tadpole Movie Makes Finals of Jackson Wild - "Oscars for natural history"

We have been very honoured to have our short documentary Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration reach audiences around the world from educational institutes to nature enthusiasts, as well as our peers in the natural history film making community! Having this short documentary place as a finalist in the Jackson Wild Media Awards has been a praise we could have never foreseen when we set out to chase tadpoles and tell their story to the world.

Jackson Wild is an internationally acclaimed film festival that is a catalyst for inspiring deep connections to the natural world through impactful storytelling. With a growing global community this prestigious awards ceremony will be streamed online for 2021 Jackson Wild registrants. If you are interested in watching all the spectacular entries during the film festival sign up now, as it will be airing on Sept 30th.

If you'd like to cheer us and the other finalist on, join us for the Jackson Wild Film Media Awards 2021 at:

Watch the video here:


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