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The tadpoles are taking over!

In the last 20 hours things have got crazy. Last night I shared my latest video, Tadpoles: The Big Little Migration, since then I've been inundated with an incredible amount of emails from people all over the world.

It's been incredibly gratifying to see people respond to the video in the way they have. Parents, photographers, filmmakers, conservationists, and social media followers have all made a connection with the story of these tadpoles.

This morning the phoned start to ring and I've spent most of the day answering emails, doing phone interviews for newspapers, and even had TV channels knocking at my door.

Chek News in BC will be airing a piece with me this evening, and online. Here's a quick shot from that interview today.

It seems the tadpole story has touched the hearts of others, and I'm incredibly humbled by this. As more people begin to notice their existence, we will hopefully be more considerate of their habitat.

I'm sure the next few days will continue to be a whirlwind, so thanks for watching and supporting, I look forward to sharing more news as it evolves.


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