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Staying warm never looked so cool!

Drysuits are a vital part of my everyday dive gear. Living, working, and diving on the west coast of Canada, a good drysuit is an essential piece of my wardrobe.

I'm a big believer in BARE drysuits, so much so that I'm now one of their product Ambassadors.

What does this mean? Well it means I help promote their products through my own personal experiences with their products. It's pretty easy really as I've come to rely on them heavily, and have nothing but good things to say. I put my gear (especially drysuits) through a lot of heavy duty wear and tear. I dive a lot. I crawl over rocks, drag myself down rivers, do the occasional commercial job, and have even dived under icebergs. I need a suit that can stand up to the task of keeping me warm and dry, no matter how much abuse I give it.

My current suit is the BARE Sentry Tech Dry, and I love it. It's made from compressed neoprene so it's thick and warm, but really flexible, and easy to travel with.

One of my roles as a BARE ambassador is to occasionally get in front of the camera (not something I particularly enjoy!) and show these products in action. Below you can see a screen grab from the BARE website. I have several product images and other contributions throughout the Huish sites.

If you're on the look out for a rugged and comfy drysuit, I can't recommend the Sentry Tech Dry enough!

Learn more about BARE drysuits here.


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